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Top 5 Lessons Learned from 2023 Celebrity Divorces

Posted on January 9, 2024 by Christina Smith

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process that can be overwhelming for many of us. For celebrities, their divorces are often played out in the public eye, making it even more challenging. As a divorce attorney, I have considered some of the many high-profile divorces from 2023 and the lessons that can be learned from them.

  1. Focus on Reaching Agreements Over Winning. Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth decided to divorce after almost 12 years of marriage. I have no doubt that these two had a lot of big-ticket items to fight over. But they were able to reach agreement to share equal parenting time with their child and divide their son’s expenses equally with no child support payments.
  2. Keep Your Options Open.  Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner are divorcing after 18 years of marriage. They were often in the news with disagreements regarding use of the family compound and child support. It is almost always advisable to keep your options open and not get attached to a set outcome. Stay flexible and continue to brainstorm alternatives as you negotiate a settlement.
  3. Keep Things Civil.  Billy Porter and Adam Smith ended their marriage after six years. It appears that, other than a minor dust up over their beloved cockapoo, these two kept things private and civil. Likewise, after 27 years of marriage, Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee Jackman decided to part ways.  The former couple have remained respectful towards one another in the press. This is a reminder to stay off social media and be careful who you rant to about your ex!
  4. Focus On the Kids. Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef chose to part ways after six years of marriage. The former couple, who have two young children together, reached a settlement agreement within two months of filing for divorce. They kept their focus on the best interests of their children and committed to continuing to co-parent peacefully.
  5. Find Your Support System. Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello decided to separate after seven years of marriage. By all accounts, Sofia focused on surrounding herself with supportive friends and living her best life amidst the divorce. Both Sofia and Joe appeared to stay busy and engaged with friends, family, work, and travel. Don’t let your divorce take over your life.  Keep yourself engaged in healthy activities and pay attention to your emotional health during this difficult time.

Divorce can be complicated. It’s important to take the time to make informed decisions that will be right for your family now and for years to come. An experienced divorce attorney can help you develop a strategy that meets your unique needs and goals. If you have questions about this, or other divorce issues, the Family Law Practice Group at Lasher is here to help.