Corporate & Business Law

With the right guides, owning a business can be a rewarding experience.

The corporate attorneys at Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Ebberson are renowned for clarifying the rules, so that you can focus on making your business the best business that it can be. Our exceptional team of attorneys and support staff is responsive, experienced, and efficient.

Often, the key issue is not how to do it, but why. The ability to efficiently form, qualify, and maintain businesses is just the starting point at Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Ebberson. What our Corporate & Business Law team can provide in addition to that, is the crucial ability to analyze the tax overlay. Whether it’s a business formation (sole proprietorship, C corporation, S corporation, partnership, or disregarded entity), a merger, an acquisition, an executive compensation plan, an employee benefits plan, a tax dispute, a sale, or a liquidation, tax efficiency can be the driving consideration. Not only do we work closely with your tax advisors, we also have tax attorneys on our team.

Deals are negotiated with confidence and professionalism. To help you cost-effectively maintain corporate records, we leverage our dedicated staff of paralegals to provide detailed documentation and follow up. We have attorneys and staff who can provide these services in multiple languages. Whether your business is in the Pacific Northwest, the Far East, or in South America, we can guide you.