Trademark Registrations

You have invested countless hours and resources into your brand. Our team of patent and trademark attorneys are here to help you protect it.

Your business has set itself apart from its competitors through quality goods and services. Those years of quality are now symbolized by your trademarks (names, logos, and taglines). When a customer sees your trademark, they know instantly where this product came from, and that it represents a consistent, quality product or service.

Sometimes your competitors will start using similar trademarks by coincidence. Other times, dishonest competitors will use your exact trademark, or a strikingly similar trademark, because they want a shorter path to selling their products for more by placing your trademark on them. Such acts not only steal from the fruits of your hard labor, they destroy your business goodwill in the process.

  • Trademark Registration. The most effective way to deal with both types of competitors is to register your trademarks as soon as you know you will use them. Few infringers will put up a fight when shown a registration certificate; proof that you have already correctly registered that trademark. This is because trademark registration greatly increases the size of the hammer you wield against infringing competitors. In addition, the federal and various state trademark registration laws offer significant legal incentives for you to register your trademarks early. For all of these reasons, timely registration of your key trademarks is important; not only to make your business an attractive acquisition target, but also for its long-term survival.
  • Tax Treatment. Our trademark attorneys also have advanced tax degrees, and can help you and your CPA work through strategies related to capitalization of associated costs, amortization, and tax treatment on purchases and sales of trademarks.

The attorneys and staff of the Trademark Registration group at Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Ebberson, PLLC have the experience to effectively and efficiently guide your business through the trademark selection, registration, and maintenance processes, whether at the international, U.S. federal, or U.S. state level.

Trademark Registrations Attorneys