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Changes to Commercial Guarantees in Seattle

Landlords that lease commercial property in Seattle need to be aware of major changes to the Municipal Code.  Seattle recently enacted Ordinance 126982, which introduces significant regulations for commercial property lessors within the City. Here’s what you need to know: The ordinance went into effect on January 29, 2024, and has been codified into Seattle

Mediation in Divorce: What to Expect

Many people going through divorce wish they could “just mediate” their case.  The good news is that several counties in Washington state, including King and Snohomish County, require that spouses engage in “alternative dispute resolution” (“ADR”) at least 30 days prior to the trial date. ADR is the formal process of resolving disputes without going

Modifying a Parenting Plan in Washington: A 30,000-Foot View

You have a child with another person—either an ex-partner, ex-spouse, or someone with whom you never actually had a romantic relationship. You’ve gone through the court system and agreed upon or litigated a final parenting plan and child support order. You’ve been trying to coparent under the terms of the parenting plan for some time;

How to Prepare for Your Divorce Consult

So, you have decided to pursue a divorce and you’ve chosen an attorney who you want to meet with. What do you do next? Your first consultation with a divorce attorney usually involves an explanation of your legal options, an overview of the divorce process, and discussion of any specific concerns you may have. The

Estate Planning for the Modern Global Family

Estate planning tends to be a topic that overwhelms most people.  It can be further complicated for modern-day global families whose lives include international nuances.  For example, when one spouse is not a U.S. citizen, certain legal considerations come into play that can impact your planning strategies.  Further, more and more families have international beneficiaries

Does My Child Have a Say in the Final Parenting Plan?

When a divorcing parent asks this question, their attorney might respond with the common saying, “Children have a voice, not a choice.” In Washington state, the extent to which a child’s voice is heard in establishing a final parenting plan depends on several factors. First, in determining the residential schedule, the wishes of a child

Estate Planning for Your Pets

When preparing your estate plan there are a number of things to consider including how to provide for your pets who are an important part of your life and ensuring that they are taken care of after your passing.  There are a couple of options for estate planning for pets that range from including a

Eight Things to Consider if You Want to Sell Your Business

Selling a business is a significant milestone. Whether you’re moving on to new ventures, retiring, or simply cashing in on your hard work, the process involves more than just finding a buyer and cashing a check. Selling your business is a complex process that requires careful planning, due diligence, and legal consideration. Here are a

Are You Protecting Your Workers From the Hazards of Wildfire Smoke?

With summer just around the corner, it is time for employers with outdoor employees to make sure they are complaint with Washington’s new wildfire smoke regulations.  This winter, Washington Labor and Industries promulgated new permanent regulations requiring employers to take a number of steps to protect workers from the hazards of wildfire smoke. The new