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Mediation in Divorce: What to Expect

Many people going through divorce wish they could “just mediate” their case.  The good news is that several counties in Washington state, including King and Snohomish County, require that spouses engage in “alternative dispute resolution” (“ADR”) at least 30 days prior to the trial date. ADR is the formal process of resolving disputes without going

Modifying a Parenting Plan in Washington: A 30,000-Foot View

You have a child with another person—either an ex-partner, ex-spouse, or someone with whom you never actually had a romantic relationship. You’ve gone through the court system and agreed upon or litigated a final parenting plan and child support order. You’ve been trying to coparent under the terms of the parenting plan for some time;

How to Prepare for Your Divorce Consult

So, you have decided to pursue a divorce and you’ve chosen an attorney who you want to meet with. What do you do next? Your first consultation with a divorce attorney usually involves an explanation of your legal options, an overview of the divorce process, and discussion of any specific concerns you may have. The

Does My Child Have a Say in the Final Parenting Plan?

When a divorcing parent asks this question, their attorney might respond with the common saying, “Children have a voice, not a choice.” In Washington state, the extent to which a child’s voice is heard in establishing a final parenting plan depends on several factors. First, in determining the residential schedule, the wishes of a child

My Spouse Filed for Divorce: What Should I Do Next?

Don’t Panic Divorce often feels frightening and overwhelming, especially at the beginning if it came as a surprise. Even if you do not oppose the divorce and were expecting the paperwork, reading a divorce petition for the first time can invoke strong feelings and emotions. Take a deep breath. This is the time to take

The Nuts and Bolts of Appeals: Preservation, Prejudice, and Presentation

Why Appeal at All? People appeal their case because they want a better outcome then what they received at trial.  Maybe that means that the appealing party lost a jury verdict, or felt that they didn’t “win” enough at trial.  Perhaps someone in a divorce trial receives 55% of the assets but no spousal support

Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney or Represent Myself?

Family courts regularly hear a number of cases involving parties who decide to represent themselves rather than hire an attorney. These parties are known as “pro se” litigants (meaning “for oneself” in Latin). If you are deciding whether to represent yourself or hire an attorney in your family law case, here are some considerations: Pro

Top 5 Lessons Learned from 2023 Celebrity Divorces

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process that can be overwhelming for many of us. For celebrities, their divorces are often played out in the public eye, making it even more challenging. As a divorce attorney, I have considered some of the many high-profile divorces from 2023 and the lessons that can be learned from

Surviving the Holidays While Going Through a Divorce

The holiday season can exacerbate certain challenges for those going through a divorce. However, if you are mindful of these challenges, you can prepare for them so that you can still find time to get much needed rest. Here are some tips for surviving the holidays this year: Plan ahead for holiday spending If you

Challenging Prenuptial Agreements in Washington State, at Trial and on Appeal

Most people are aware of the statistic that roughly 50% of marriages end in divorce; but did you know that only 5 – 10% of couples opt for a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage? So, what does a prenuptial agreement entail? Broadly, prenups are agreements between two individuals who plan to marry one another, the