Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access – IDEA

A couple of years ago, the attorneys and team members at Lasher had an IDEA.  Today that IDEA carries on in many different ways.

IDEA = Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access.   Access is important to make opportunities available to all people regardless of their abilities or experience.

The IDEA mission at Lasher is:

We strive to be an inclusive workplace that is built on respect and pride and generates opportunities for everyone, and enables us to best serve our clients and community.

We will utilize the following pillars in decision making and action steps to pursue an environment that fosters diversity and inclusivity:

  1. Enhance Learning & Development
  2. Engage Future Talent
  3. Act in Our Communities
  4. Drive Accountability & Leadership

It has never been more critical for law firms to demonstrate their commitment to IDEA. The most promising clients, law firm staff and attorneys are all looking for firms that promote IDEA.  We are excited to continue this journey, and look forward to sharing our experiences with you here.

Here are some of our 2023 Days of Awareness:

  • January is National Mentoring Month – hear from some of our younger attorneys about their mentor experience here at Lasher
  • January 11, 2023 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
  • January 13, 2023 is National Korean American Day
  • January 16, 2023 is observed in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr
  • January 27, 2023 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day
  • February is Black History Month – we’ll be spotlighting notable figures in history, and sharing other cultural and historical information.
  • March 2023 acknowledged the need for accessibility awareness with a March Madness fundraiser for Seattle Adaptive Sports and great discussion.
  • April 2023 observed Neuro Diversity in the Workplace Month with a firm lunch and discussion.
  • May 2023 highlighted Mental Health Awareness month, and to help everyone check up on their own mental health we played Mental Health Bingo for fun and prizes.
  • June 2023 was PRIDE month, and we published weekly updates of events and activities so that everyone could participate and share experiences.
  • July 2023 was Disability PRIDE month, and we celebrated by learning all about Ian’s Ride from founder, Ian Mackay. You can learn more and see the entire presentation here.
  • October is Global Diversity Awareness Month – On October 10th,in recognition of Global Diversity Awareness Month, we celebrated with a potluck lunch provided by Lasher team members, with dishes that represented our cultural backgrounds.  It was quite the feast with food from areas as far reaching as Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean to the Far East, Europe and far beyond (seriously, someone claimed “the Depths of Mordor” – not sure which dish they brought!) It was a super fun event with a LOT of great food, and fun discussion… our IDEA Committee provided a brief PowerPoint that highlighted some of the interesting holidays celebrated by diverse team members.
  • On October 14, a team from Lasher will be completing a ‘sort and repack’ session at Food Lifeline.
  • In December, we celebrated the holidays by giving back to our community, and participating in the Treehouse Holiday Magic Gift Drive.
  • On January 12, 2024, Lasher hosted a table at the King County Bar Association’s Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Luncheon. As part of our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access (IDEA) initiative, we strive to be an inclusive workplace built on respect and pride and generating opportunities for everyone. We believe these ideals enable us to best serve our clients and community. Support and attendance at events like today’s luncheon reinforce our beliefs, reignite our passion, and inspire us to find new ways to meet those goals.