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Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney or Represent Myself?

Family courts regularly hear a number of cases involving parties who decide to represent themselves rather than hire an attorney. These parties are known as “pro se” litigants (meaning “for oneself” in Latin). If you are deciding whether to represent yourself or hire an attorney in your family law case, here are some considerations: Pro

Surviving the Holidays While Going Through a Divorce

The holiday season can exacerbate certain challenges for those going through a divorce. However, if you are mindful of these challenges, you can prepare for them so that you can still find time to get much needed rest. Here are some tips for surviving the holidays this year: Plan ahead for holiday spending If you

Financial Documents to Gather for Your Divorce

Managing personal finances is stressful, and many people are glad to let their spouse take the lead on paying bills, filing taxes, managing investments and the like. However, when preparing for divorce, you should have a good understanding of your finances, including your and your spouse’s income, as well as your assets and liabilities. One