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The Check is(n’t) in the Mail: The Cause of Action of ‘Account Stated’

“You just remember what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like that: ‘Have you paid your dues, Jack? Yes sir, the check is in the mail.’” -Big Trouble in Little China, 1986. You are a homeowner who hires a contractor to come regularly to your property for routine maintenance. At first, everything seems

Got a Civil Complaint? Just Don’t Get SLAPPed

Your next-door neighbor has a bone to pick with you. Maybe he thinks you have encroached onto his property. Maybe he is mad about a fence you put up on the property line. Maybe he just isn’t in a good mood. Whatever the reason, he has decided that instead of dealing with his problems in

Home Sweet Homestead

UPDATE: On May 12, 2021, Washington enacted significant revisions to the Homestead statutes. These revisions may potentially and significantly increase the dollar amount of your homestead exemption. As of May 12, 2021, the homestead exemption has changed to be the greater of 1) $125,000.00, or 2) the “county median sale price of a single-family home