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What to Know if You’re Getting Divorced and Your Spouse Holds Power of Attorney

Worried about a financial power grab in divorce?   A power of attorney can be like writing a blank check to your spouse.  Many married couples will sign powers of attorney as part of their estate planning documents, which provide broad authority to act on the other spouse’s behalf.  Estranged spouses have used powers of attorney

Can Relaxed Retirement Plan Withdrawal Rules Help Settle Your Divorce?

The new CARES Act has relaxed retirement account withdrawal rules for some retirement plans due to COVID-19 related reasons. These relaxed withdrawal rules apply to IRA, 401(k), and other “eligible retirement plans” as defined by the CARES Act. COVID-19 has disrupted life for all of us, with tens of millions of Americans losing jobs because

4 Reasons to Bring Your Financial Expert to Mediation

Bringing your financial expert to mediation increases the likelihood that the parties, attorneys, and the mediator have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your case – which is likely to lead to a better resolution. Here are the pros of bringing your financial expert to mediation. 1.  Calculating, Presenting, and Explaining the Numbers