Lasher Supports Seattle Adaptive Sports During March Madness!

This year, the entry fee for our annual March Madness pool was changed to require a donation to Seattle Adaptive Sports – what better organization to benefit from this sports-focused event?

In 1970, those who would become the founders of Seattle Adaptive Sports met through a support group for families of children with Spina Bifida. They wanted to empower their children to push beyond the limits and reach their full potential.  53 years later, this non-profit organization is Western Washington’s premiere adaptive sports organization and Paralympic Sports Club. Their teams include wheelchair basketball, sled hockey, power soccer, and goalball.

What does Seattle Adaptive Sports have to do with us here at Lasher? Well, we share something in common. We both serve our community. Our organizations empower people to feel understood and respected.

While we cheered on our favorite teams this season, we also cheered on our very own Seattle Adaptive Sports home-team as they prepared for Nationals.

We were delighted to make a donation of nearly $400 to Seattle Adaptive Sports to help with their fundraising goals for Nationals.